PEZ Artwork
Salty Coffee

Salty Coffee
Hand made work / Bic pen
Octopus Rift
Paint and graphite pencils on coated wood Size : 50x70cm
Pencils and spray paint on wood Size : 80X80cm
Streebute to René
Paint, Graphite pencils and spray paint on coated wood, matt varnish Size : 65X100 cm
Sketchbook 2014
Graphite Pencils on Paper Size : 17X25 cm
1981 : A Street Odyssey
Paint, Spray and Graphite pencils on coated wood, Matt varnish Size : 75X100 cm
Distroy series
Graphite pencils on paper Size 17X25 cm
Distroy series (King size version)
Paint, spray and Graphite pencils Size 50X45cm to 120X65 cm
Black & White
Custom Guitar (Collab' with @DuneDzn) Posca pens on guitar with professional glossy varnish Photo credit : Düne
No pain, No Name
Paint, Graphite pencils on coated wood, Matt Varnish Size : 78X115 cm
Graphite pencils and paint on paper Size : 40X50 cm
Eternal lovers
Paint, Spray and graphite on coated wood, matt varnish Size : 40X60cm
The Magic of Christmas
Mini series of 5 drawings Graphite and color pencils on paper Size : 17X25cm
The Endless Faces Series
Mini series of 5 portraits Graphite pencils on paper Size : 50X65cm
Graphite on paper Size : 40X75 cm
Spray and grahite pencils on wood Handmade Framed Size : 100X145 cm
Graphite and colour pencils on paper Size : 45X65 cm
When the music's over
Custom Guitar Posca, Pencils, Varnish, Printing and methacrylate
Nestor Oner
Spray, paint and graphite pencils Size : 45X80 cm
Art is my Fuckin' Religion
Skateboard Custom, paint and matt Varnish
Lady Dolly
Digital work / Photoshop
Once upon a style
Digital typografic work / Photoshop
4H32 Mixed media work / Graphite + Photoshop
Hand finished screeenprints
Mixed media on screenprints
Laugh now, cry later
Digital typografic work / Photoshop